Specializing in investment property since 1975. Apartment Building Sales.



Michael Fleming Realty Corporation is a Calgary-based Real Estate company that specializes in the sale of Multi Family Investment Properties. The Broker/Owner has been selling Apartment Buildings in Calgary since 1975 and has a wealth of knowledge both historical and current to pass on to clients and staff. For the most current expertise on the Calgary apartment market call Michael Fleming Realty Corporation for all your apartment needs. When buying or selling, let us maximize your profits by making informed decisions on the Calgary apartment market. Many of our current properties are available for viewing on this web site.


We define the needs of our buyers and search out the required product for the purchase, and then we assist thoroughly in the due diligence. For our sellers we solicit the buyers willing to pay the highest prices for the then current market, and we assist that buyer, and/or their agents, to make their due diligence as seamless as possible, to facilitate a successful closing. Please send us an e-mail through our Contact Us page, so we may assist you in completing the Calgary Multi Family Investment you require.

We cooperate with all agents to get maximum exposure for our sellers and we share fees with agents to encourage their participation in the sale process